(Student) Begin Documentation Unavailable

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When you are attempting to complete documentation tied to an event and the Begin Documentation, Edit Documentation, Fix Documentation or Document link is grayed out, this can indicate one of three different scenarios. 


When you hover your mouse over the grayed-out link, it will usually tell you the reason you're unable to access your documentation.

Note: It can sometimes take a couple of seconds for the message to appear.  



Note: All situations require reaching out to your instructor for assistance. Our support team cannot resolve any of these issues at a student's request.  Platinum Support can help the instructor if needed. 


1. Opportunities cannot be documented after the class has ended. Please reach out to your Instructor for assistance. 

The program will prevent students from documenting events for a class that has reached its end date.  Documentation can only be completed during an active class. 


2.  The opportunity is not within the start and end date of the class.  Please reach out to your instructor.  

In this situation, the class was not active when the event took place.  Documentation can only be completed when attached to an active class.  

10:18 be.png


3. The opportunity cannot be documented until all your pre-internship skills have been completed. Please reach out to your instructor for assistance.

In this instance, you have not completed the pre-requisite skills to access shift documentation associated with a Field Internship class. Once your pre-internship skills are completed the documentation will become available, otherwise, you will need to reach out to your Instructor for assistance.



To check what skills are incomplete, run a progress report.  Anything considered a prerequisite that is not 100% will prevent documentation.  The required prerequisite skills will depend on the course type/skill requirements as well as the skill progression selected in the settings for Platinum Planner for the course.  If you are unsure of the requirements selected by the school, reach out to your instructor. 



  • Require prerequisites before capstone (2nd Option) 
    • This is any pathology that has the -Sim Requirement next to it.
    • Pathologies:
    • 10:11 sim path r.png
  • Require prerequisites before capstone and formative before competency (3rd option) 
    • This requires all the pathologies with -Sim Requirement next to them to be complete (listed above) and all the formative skills
    • Formative Skills: 

      10:11 form path.png10:11 form age.png10:11 form team l.png

Appendix G: 

If skill progression is being followed, then every skill except the Team Lead skill must be complete in order to document in Capstone. 






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