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This section is where your students submit their clinical opportunity completion information for you to review.

The page will show the student's documentation in the tabs. The tabs reflect the status of Documenting, Past Due, Ready for Review, Today, Returned to Student, Returned To Preceptor,  Approved, Rejected/Absent, and All.

Note: If you use Bulk Updates the Ready for Review section will appear slightly different and will have additional options for handling documentation in this section.  Click here to learn more about Bulk Updates and how they function. 


The Documenting tab shows you all documents that students are currently working on, but have not submitted yet. The tabs reflect the status by their name.


Click on the View under Actions to see their documentation and its history. 

You will see the Evaluation Information (including if a preceptor signed off), Patient/Skill Information, Shift Evaluation, and Reviews.


Note: Fields within student documentation may look different than the picture above depending on your profession.

Under that information, you will see the buttons Approve For Preceptor, Approve, Return, Reject, Mark Absent, and Print.

8:23 approve.png

To leave a note, type in a message within the text box, then click the button to make a note of the message along with the action you took.  If you choose Return, the preceptor or student will receive the message with your note and be able to view the documentation in their Returned tab.


Selecting Approve For Preceptor approves the documentation on behalf of the preceptor.  


Clicking Approve will approve the documentation for the student.  The student will be given credit for the hours and skills performed.  When you select the Approve button the student will not receive an email unless you enter a message.


If you select Return, the opportunity will be sent back to the preceptor or student, depending on your selection, to make the desired changes. The documentation will then go to either the Returned To Student or Returned To Preceptor tab.


Clicking Reject or Mark Absent will reject the documentation or mark the student absent from the opportunity.  The student will NOT be given credit for the hours and skills performed. 


Click the Print button to print out the documentation.


Click on Edit under Actions to open the student's documentation to make changes.

Note: Clicking Edit will lock the documentation for other users. The student or preceptor will not be able to work on documentation while an instructor is making changes. Be sure to use the Unlock button to exit the documentation to allow others to access it once again.

8:23 unlock.png


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