(Instructor) Changing the Class or Category associated with an Opportunity

Instructors can change the class or category associated with an opportunity after a student has signed up for it. This will change where the skills and hours are associated on the progress report.  

Note: It is a common misconception that changing this information under Manage Opportunities will adjust the existing documentation. It will not. Once a student has signed up for an opportunity, the changes must occur under Manage Student Documentation.  


Changing the Class or Category of an Opportunity:

1. Begin in your Instructor role for Planner. 

2. Under the Opportunities tab, select Manage Student Documentation

5:1 opporutnities .png


3. Locate the student's opportunity. 

4. Click View. 

5:1 view.png


5. Click the dropdown for the Class or Category and select the new one. 

5:1 class:cat.png

5:1 switch.png

Note: If the class or category is unavailable, it will need to be added as an option. See below. 

  • Class: If the class you need to change the opportunity to is unavailable, then the class was not added as an option to the original opportunity. You must go under Manage Opportunities, locate the opportunity, edit it, and add the desired class under the Classes tab. Then repeat steps 1-5. 
  • Category: If the category is not in the dropdown, it is not enabled in the course. The course will need to be edited, and the category enabled in the course. If this is the case, you may also want to enable it for the student if you manage Student categories for the course. 
    • For more information on Manage Student Categories, click here. 


6. Click Close. The changes will be saved.  

5:1 close.png


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