(Admin) Student Low Performance Notifications (EMS)

There is the ability to set a benchmark for the clinical evaluation worksheets within the clinical and capstone classes. This feature triggers a notification for the instructors reviewing the documentation that a student was marked below the desired standard.  

Note:  This feature is currently only available for EMS courses. 


A. Enabling Student Low Performance Notifications in the Class Settings. 

B. What Notifications look like for Instructors. 


A.  Enabling Student Low Performance Notifications in the Class Settings

Note: This feature can only be enabled by users with an Admin role or instructors who have been added to a course as a Course Admin. 


1. Edit the course. This can be done from the dashboard or through your Admin role. Below is from the Dashboard. 

  • From the main dashboard, click the grey and black tile Manage Courses
  • Locate the course and click Edit. 
  • 4:26 manage courses.png


2. Select the Platinum Planner tab. 

4:26 ppc tab.png


3. Select the Classes tab. (The Classes tab is below the Planner tab. Not Class Groups)

4:26 classes tab.png


4. Edit the Clinical or Field Internship class in which you want to enable the feature.

4:26 edit class.png


5. You will be defaulted to the Settings tab. On the left is a list of different features. Check the box for the feature Allow Student Low Performance Notifications. 

4:26 checkbox.png

Note:  This feature only works with our global survey. 


6. Checking the box will trigger a box to appear on the left. Put in the number for the Low Performance Benchmark Percent.

4:25 %.png


7. Save. 

Note: If you want to enable this feature for any other classes within the course, click close, then repeat steps 4-8. 




B.  What Notifications look like for Instructors

Instructors will see a notification on the Instructor-Home page that indicates some opportunities have forms filled out by the preceptor that are scored below the set benchmark. When looking at Manage Student Documentation, there will be an additional tab for these opportunities. 

5:10 flag.png

5:10 tab.png


In addition to the low-performance notifications, any question where the student is scored below a 3, the question will be highlighted in red. 

5:10 red flags.png




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