(School) Preceptor per Patient

Platinum Planner provides the option to assign a different preceptor or clinical instructor to each patient within the clinical class. To use this functionality, the setting must be activated at the class level.


Enabling Allow Students to Assign a Preceptor/Clinical Instructor to each Patient 

1.  Start in your Admin role for Platinum Planner. 

2.  Under the Course/Classes/Sites tab, select the first option Manage School Courses

2:16 ccs.png


3.  Edit the course containing the classes you want to enable the setting for.

4.  Click the Platinum Planner tab. 

5.  Click the Classes tab. 

6.  Edit the class you want to enable the feature for. 

2:16 edit.png


7.  Check the box for the setting Allow students to assign a preceptor/clinical instructor to each patient

2:16 class settings.png


8. Select 'Save' at the bottom.

After saving, clicking 'Close' will return you to the class listings. Repeat steps 6-8 for all clinical classes where you wish to make this option available to students.

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