(Instructors) Adding a Shared Exam

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There are 2 options on how to add exams created by other instructors to a class.  What you use depends on if you would like to have a copy of the exam within your account or not.  

A.  If you would like to just assign another instructor's exam to your class.  Follow the directions below.

B.  If you would like to have a copy of the exam within your own instructor's account, scroll down the directions label (B).  Having a copy of the exam within your account allows you to use that test to pull questions from it in future exams using "Pull Questions From My Active Tests". 


A.  Adding a Shared Exam directly to a Class. 

1.  Go into your instructor role for EMSTesting. 

2.  Select the tab Manage Tests

3.  Use the search parameters to locate the exam you are looking for.  Change the Author to either Any or a specific instructor.  You do not need to put anything in the Search tests box to see options.  

4.  Click Search once you are satisfied with the perimeters you have entered. 


5.  If you would like to view the exam before assigning it, click View Test



6.  Click Add to Class once you are ready to assign an exam to a class.  Enter the test settings and Save





B. Importing a Shared Exam into your Instructor Account

As long as the question test has been shared by the test's creator you can add that test to your Manage Tests by doing the following:


1.  Go into your instructor role for EMSTesting. 

2.  Select the tab Manage Tests

3.  Click the button Create New Test button in the upper right.  This will bring you to the Add New Test page. 



4.  Add the Program Type, Provider Level, and Test type.  Once these are selected the Import Test From button dropdown will appear. There is no need to add in the Test Name, Test Title, or Reference.  That will default in once you import the exam in. 



5.  Click the dropdown for Import Test From and select the exam you are looking for. 

Note: Tests followed by (Platinum) are our premade tests that are created by our Education Team. 



6. Once you select the test you'd like to import you will see a confirmation window pop up warning you that you cannot change any of the questions and importing the test will overwrite any questions you've already added to this test, in this case, this was a fresh test so nothing will be overwritten. If you are ok with these terms, click Import Test.



You can't edit any of the questions, but the Test Questions tab still appears so you can go through the questions and make sure this is the test that you require.


7.  Now click back on the Test Settings tab, and if you are happy with the test, click Save on the bottom right. Now, this test is saved in your instructor account and can be deployed in your class like normal.


For instructions on how to Share a test you've made go to this article here



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