(Instructor) Exporting Student Test Results [Testing]

Student answers can be exported for any linear exam.  The file is exported to Excel.  

The file includes the student's name, question number, question reference ID, student's answer, correct answer, if the student is correct, flagged questions, confidence level, archived question, excluded question, and time answer was submitted. 


Our system time stamps your student's answers as they progress through their tests.

Note: If you export a student's exam and nothing is there, they did not take the exam.  


Exporting Student Test Results: 

1.  Begin in your Instructor role for EMSTesting or Platinum Tests. 

2.  Click the dropdown for the class and click the Grade book icon. 



3.  Scroll over until you have located your exam, and click the title of the test. 



4.  Click the checkbox(es) for the student(s) you need the results exported for.  If you are exporting the entire class, you can check the student name option at the top, and that will select all your students for you. 

5.  Click the red button Export Answers. 



6.  The file will pop up to save to your computer.  From there, you can manipulate the columns in Excel as needed.  


The file includes: 

  • Student name
  • Question number
  • Question Reference ID
    • The reference number for the specific question. 
  • Student Answer
  • Correct Answer
  • Is Student Correct
    • 0 indicates incorrect and 1 indicates correct.
  • Flagged
    • 0 indicates unflagged and 1 indicates flagged.
  • Confidence
    • 0 indicates none was given and 1-5 is the student's confidence for that question. 
  • Archived
    • The question has been archived. 
  • Excluded 
    • The question was excluded from the overall results of the test. 
  • Answered On
    • The time the question answer was submitted.



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