(Instructor) Adding/Editing & Reviewing your Tests [Testing]

To add or edit tests select Manage Tests from the top menu bar in your Instructor role for EMSTesting. This will bring you to the page titled Test Search.

You can search for a previously created test or create a new test. The first time you visit this section there will not be any tests in your question bank to search for, because you have not created any yet. 


Add New Tests

Click the Create New Test button and you will be directed to the Add New Test page.

The following are the definitions of the fields on this page:

Test Name* - In this field you name the test based on what your students will see.

Test Title* - In this field you name the test based on how you will refer to it.

Reference - This field can be used as an additional descriptor.


Test Status –This field shows the status of the test as a Draft because it is a new test. Once you have finalized your test you will notice that the status will switch to Active.

Provider Level* - You are required to pick a provider level from the drop down options. This is a critical field because it designates which question bank the questions are drawn from.

Test Type* - This is a required field. This will match up to the grade book and what passing score is needed for this type of test (see grade book).


Import Test From - This field is a way to get tests from other teachers in your school or to make a copy of any of the Platinum Final Exams.

Note: The Platinum Final Exams use a completely different question bank than the normal Platinum test building questions.

Test Instructions – This field only applies if you intend to place this test online. In this field, you will enter any directions you would want the students to follow as if you were standing in the classroom administering the test. You may want to address things such as; how much time is allowed to take the test? When will the results be available? Can I log out and come back in? Will the previous button be available? Can I use my book or notes? Etc.

Personal Test Notes – This field is for your personal notes that can only be seen be you on this screen.

Share This Test - Checking this box will allow instructors to use this exam in their classes and  import copies of this test into their instructor accounts. 

Note: The shared exam cannot be edited by other instructors as is.  For help with importing exams, click here. 

Once you click Save you will see a new tab called Question Criteria.


You will see the options to either Pull Questions By Curriculum, Pull Questions By Text, Keyword, ID, Pull Questions From Active Tests, or Create Progression from Active test.  If this is your first test the system will not allow you to add from prior tests or create a progression, because you have not created any prior tests.

Pull Questions from Curriculum

Click the Add from Question Banks button and select your criteria.



If you do not want the default 20 questions from the question banks then input a different number into the Questions box.

Question Bank

If you would like to select a different Question Bank, click the dropdown arrow.

Note: if you have not created any questions for your personal database the Platinum database questions will be the only option.

-Platinum High-Stakes Questions: This question bank was created for high stakes module exams only.  You will only have access to this question bank if the test type is Modulate Exam. 


Do you want to include Scenario Based Questions in your Questions Selection Criteria? If so, click On. Any means you don't care if Scenario Questions or included or not an it is also the default setting. If you do not want Scenario Questions, click the Off toggle.


Curriculum allows you to choose between Educational Standards, Module/Topic/Objective or National Registry.  

Educational Standards - Questions developed based on the new Educational Standards published around 2010.

Module/Topic/Objective - Questions developed based on the National Curriculum that was replaced by the 2010 Educational Standards.

National Registry - Questions developed based on the National Registry Practice Analysis.

Bloom Level

The third box, allows you to select your Bloom level.

Bloom Level Explanations:

Knowledge - Lower level straight from book stuff.

Comprehension - Next level up, just stated differently than the book.

Application - Middle level, ability to use as intended.

Analysis - Next level up, diagnosing.

Synthesis - High level, outside the box.

Evaluation - Highest level, able to defend.


Clicking the arrow will show you all sub-topics within that category. Check the box next to the topics you want on your test.

You can also check your sub-topics individually by selecting the box next to the desired sub-topics. You may also select the parent category box, which will select all of the sub-topics and then deselect the one or two you do not want.

When your selected criteria is met click the Save Criteria button. You will see your selected topics listed in the green section.


A third tab called Test Questions will appear next to the Question Criteria tab with your questions.

Note: If you did not select the correct criteria, you can hit the Delete button to clear your criteria and start over.


Pull Questions by Text, Keyword, or ID and

Click the drop downs to narrow the criteria you are looking for and enter the text to search for what you would like. 
Note: If your search turns up with 0 questions, check the Search By dropdown to make sure you have the correct type selected. 

Pull questions From My Active Tests: 

Click the dropdown for the exam you would like pull test questions from.  Select either On or OFF for Scramble Questions if you would like the questions or appear in a different order from the original exam.

Note: If your test type is Module Exam, you will not be able to pull questions From Active Tests.

Create Progression from Active Test

If you would like to create a progressive exam, select the class dropdown and select the class the test will be administered too.  Then select the exam that the test will build from. 

Note: In order to create a progressive exam, the exam you are building from must have already been administered to a class and reached its End Time/Date. 

Note: You cannot create progressive exams for module exams.  

If you would like to learn more about Progressive Exams and how they work click here.  


You can also select the Test Questions tab and look at the test questions you have selected. Once you have reviewed and edited the questions you have selected, you can then go back to Question Criteria by selecting the Question Criteria tab.


You may continue to add from the question banks or prior tests until you are satisfied.

Reviewing Your Test

Once you are satisfied with your test questions, go to the Test Questions tab and review your questions by scrolling down the page.

Tip: If you would like to re-order any of the questions, drag and drop them into the area with your mouse and the system will automatically re-number your questions. If you would like to select questions to remove, check the red checkbox and then click the remove selected button.


Questions are initially listed in the order of the queries you selected. Clicking the question lets you see the question detail. These details include the multiple choices, the correct answer and the explanation of the question or annotation.

You can also click the Replace button to replace an individual question from within the same question criteria selection.


To choose a question to replace the question with, click the Choose button.

To remove a question, click Remove from the button dropdown. This will remove your question, but the question will still be available to re-add to this test. Your test will be one question less.

To exclude a question, click Exclude from the button dropdown. This question will no longer be available to use on this test. Your test will be one question less.

To ban a question, click Ban from the dropdown button. You will NEVER see this question again when building new tests. This action cannot be undone. Your test will be one question less.

Every question also has a unique ID number that you should use to communicate any problems or comments about it to us.


You can also review the questions:

Reading Level (RL), Bloom Level (BL), Cut Score (CS), Difficulty (DIF), National Registry Reference (NR), Educational Standard Reference (ES) and National Curricular Objective Reference (OBJ).

If you are not satisfied after reviewing your test questions, you can select the Question Criteria tab and delete any of the segments you do not like.

You can go back and query the bank again, and review your questions as many times as you need.

When you are satisfied, go back to the Test Questions tab and click the Finalize Test button. By doing this you will automatically turn the test to Active. This test is now ready to be added to a class.


You will then automatically be returned to the Test Search page. You should see your most recently modified tests and well as the test you just created or modified on the top of the list.


Note: Check and make sure that this test has more than 0 active questions.

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