(Instructor) Question Import

Alanah Manning -

Instructor created questions can be added in mass with question imports.  If the instructor has more than 50 questions to be added to our system, they can fill out our Import Template in Excel and we will add them to the instructor's account for them. 


The Excel file for import can be found on our site here. 


When you open the file, the first page will be directions on how to fill it out and an explanation for each column.  There are certain things that are required in order for our Development Team to be able to add the questions.  Once the file has been completed, it gets submitted to our support team (support@platinumed.com).  From there, our Support Team will review the file for any missing items, then submit it to the development team for import. 


Requirements for Import: 

The absolute bare minimum required would be:

  • Question Text
  • Answer A
  • Answer B 
  • Answer C (if applicable)
  • Answer D (if applicable)
  • Correct Answer
  • Provider Level
  • Curriculum
    • Note: The curriculum does not need to be correct for what the question is referring to, the question just needs 1.  Having no curriculum will result in questions not being able to be added to a test. 

Optional, but recommended: 

In () you will see what will happen if you do not include that option. 

  • Question Reference (defaults to empty)
  • Keywords (defaults to none)
  • Annotation/stem (defaults to empty)
  • Cut score (defaults to 0.9)


  • Reading Level (defaults to 1)
  • Bloom Level (defaults to 6 - Evaluation)


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