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When looking at pages in Platinum Planner, you will frequently see a little gear button near the search fields. This button is a very handy, often overlooked tool, Configure Grid Options. This button allows you to add and remove columns seen in the grid to enhance the view without viewing the entire item. 
When you click on the button, you will see a dropdown that contains two options, Add/Remove Columns and Reset Grid To Defaults.
8:11 configure button.png
  • Add Remove Columns: This allows you to adjust the columns seen in the grid.
  • Reset Grid to Defaults: This snaps the view back into the default column configuration.
How to Add/ Remove Columns:  
1.  Click the button for Configure Grid Options, then select Add/Remove Columns. It is a gear shaped button next to Search. 
8:11 configure button1.png
2.  The Column Chooser will appear in the bottom right of the page. This window allows you to modify the columns that are displayed in your grid. It will contain additional fields that can be dragged and dropped into your table. The selections that you see will vary depending on the page that you're looking at.
8:11 column chooser.png
3.  Locate the field you would like to bring into the grid by scrolling through.  To bring it into the grid, click the box, then drag it between the 2 fields.  Do not let go until you see the grey arrows above and below the middle of the box.  
8:11 arrows.png
You can also pull columns out of the grid. If there are columns that aren’t necessary at that time, you can drag the field from the grid and place it in the Column Chooser to simplify your table.
Note: Your selections are remembered by a cookie so if you're on the same browser and same device the system will remember your setup. If you clear your cache and cookies or use a different device, you will just need to reconfigure your preferences.
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