(School) Reports [Testing]

To view reports as a School Administrator, click on the Reports link in the top menu. You will see the role and school name in the dropdown. 


Click on the report for the role you would like to review. You can also download the respective document for your objectives or print the report in the results for the report.


You will then need to Select the Testing Summaries you want to Run, Curriculum (Use Default Class Curriculum or choose a different curriculum from the list).

Choose a student from the dropdown Student list, then click Run Student Report to run the report.

The system will fill in the Class and Provider Levels available for the student based on the class.

The Static Test Report, Adaptive Report and Group Test Report (if selected) will show in separate tabs under the Results for Student area.

Static Test Report

Class Breakdown

The Class Breakdown section of the reports will show you more detailed information about your classes. Click the View link to run your reporting by the class.

Once you have run your class report by clicking the View link, you will see 2 tabs. The class Static Test Report and the class Adaptive Report.

Static Test/Adaptive Report (Class)

Under the Static Test Report tab for a class, you will see Summative Results, the Student Breakdown, additional Chart information and additional Detailed Results just for your class.

Click on the View link next to a student to view results for a particular student.

Static Test/Adaptive Report (Student)

You will see the student name for the results you are viewing at the top of the page in the red header. To switch to another student in the class, click the dropdown.


The Charts section of reporting will show you a graph with an average score per module.


You can hover over each module to see the actual score percentage.

Detailed Results

The Detailed Results section will show you in-depth information by Curriculum Level. Click on the arrows to expand and collapse the information.


Adaptive Report

The adaptive report tab shows you all adaptive testing for your school by provider level and curriculum.  Note: Adaptive test results change on a day to day basis based on other participant’s results.

Summative Results

The summative results section shows you an overall summary of adaptive tests for your school.



The Overall Indication chart shows you an overall indication for success by module. The next three charts contain a detailed breakdown for each of the key indicators summarized in the first chart. These key indicators are:

Percentile Ranking Greater Than 51%

Average Score Greater Than 65%

Highest Difficulty Achieved Greater Than .60


Curriculum Breakdown

The curriculum breakdown section shows you in-depth information by Curriculum Level. Click on the arrows to expand and collapse the information.


Medical Director Review Report

The Medical Director Review Report will show all tests that your medical director role(s) have reviewed in the system, along with their Review Status and Review Notes.


If you have disabled any Medical Directors and you would like to see their reviews, click the Include Disabled Medical Directors checkbox on the top right corner.

Click the Print button to print the report.

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