(School) Adding Instructors To Classes [Testing]

Adding an Instructor to an existing Class in EMSTesting/Platinum Tests

1. Begin by editing the course. This can be done 2 different ways: 

  • Through your Admin role: 
    • Select your Administrator role for EMSTesting/Platinum Tests
    • Click the dropdown for the course under the Current Courses section. 
    • Edit the course by clicking the Edit Course icon. 2_10_edit_emst.png
  • Through the main Platinumed Dashboard: 
    • Once logged in, stay on the main dashboard. 
    • Click the dropdown for the grey and black tile Manage Courses
    • Locate the course and click edit under the Actions column. 
    • 6:14


2. Select the Classes tab. 

Note: You want the Classes tab within the EMSTesting/ Platinum Test tab, not the Class Groups tab. 

3. Edit the class that needs to have instructors added. 


Note: The class must be edited through your admin role. If you do not have an admin role, you must contact someone within the school who has an admin role in the testing software. Instructors cannot change class settings. 


4. Click the dropdown menu under the Class Instructor(s)



5.  Save when finished. 


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