(Instructor) Instructor Locked Opportunity

When an instructor edits student documentation from their instructor account, it locks the documentation, preventing the student from making any changes while the instructor has it open.  This is a safety measure to prevent any conflicts that might occur if both users were making changes to the same opportunity at the same time. 


If an instructor edits an opportunity and does not click the unlock button before exiting that page, the student's documentation will remain locked. 


Unlocking Instructor-Locked Opportunity documentation. 

1.  Begin in your Instructor role for Platinum Planner.  

2.  Under the Opportunities tab, select Manage Student Documentation. 

8:2 manage opp.png


3.  Locate the student's opportunity under the Documenting tab. 

4.  Click Edit for the opportunity under the Actions column. 

8:2 edit.png


5.  On the upper right, click the Unlock button.  This will unlock the opportunity for the student and bring you back to the Manage Student Documentation page.  

8:2 unlock.png


If you would like to double-check to ensure that the documentation has been unlocked, you can do so by clicking View for the opportunity.  It will show in the History of the opportunity that it has been unlocked. 

Note: if you click edit again instead of view, you will lock the documentation again and have to click unlock as you exit. 

  • View: 8:2 view.png
  • History: 8:2 check unlocked.png




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