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My.Platinumed.com has an attendance feature built in that works with all our products. Only the School Administrator can "turn-on" the feature to be used. For instructions on how to turn on the attendance feature for all our products, go to the Account Details page. This page has videos and instructions for instructors on how to use the attendance feature once it is enabled.

In EMS Testing/Platinum Tests, you will first need a class created with students. You can use attendance for tests and classes if they have been enabled by your primary School Administrator.


In Platinum Planner, you first need a class created with students and can choose to use the attendance feature on any Clinicals, Labs or Scenarios (enabled by your School Administrator).

As an instructor, you can manage attendance by clicking on the Manage Attendance call-out on your PlatinumEd dashboard.

On the Manage Attendance page, you will see 2 tabs, a Search Attendance tab and a Mark Attendance tab

 Search Attendance

The Search Attendance tab gives you many options to find a student that has checked in using the Platinumed attendance feature. You can search from Event Types, Users, Status, To & From Dates, default to today (by selecting the Today button) and Sort By. If you do not want to use the search parameters, you can also just click the Search button to get all students to display in the search.


This section will display your students’ check-in and check-out time along with the website they were at and the amount of time they spent (based on what is enabled by your School Administrator).


Click the View link next to a student, to view the attendance entry.


Click the Coordinates link to view a map of the student’s location. You will see more information about the student’s location, a map and the coordinates of their location.


Note: Coordinates are shown only if the student allowed their location to be tracked on their device or browser. If coordinates are not displaying, this means the student chose not to show their location. If the location was captured on a device that does not have GPS, the location shown will be based on an IP address which may not be an accurate indicator of location.

Manage Attendance

On the Mark Attendance tab, choose at least the Event Type and the Event from the dropdown menus. You can also filter that information by To & From dates if you know the date range for the attendance information needed.


To mark attendance for a student, select the checkmark under the status. P for Present, T for Tardy, A for Absent or X for Excused. The program auto-saves your changes.

Click the View link next to a student, to view the attendance entry.

The Mark Attendance area also tracks the students that did not check-in for the time period and event you search for. The students who did not use attendance for an event will show up in gray. You can choose the Mark all missing as absent button as well.

Edit Student Attendance

If you need to edit the student’s attendance status, check-in or check-out times or leave a comment, click the View link next to the student you would like to edit. Select the Edit button on the bottom right of the page.


Make your desired changes to the record, then click the Update Attendance button.


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