(School) Removing a Class

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There are two ways to remove a class from a course.  Deleting and changing its dates to the past.  Which option you take depends on whether students have ever been added to the class and the date range of the course.  Once a class has had students added to it, it cannot be deleted. However, it can be put into the past so that it is no longer an active class for both you and your students provided the course start and end dates allow.  

Note: This can only be done by users with Administrator roles or who are added to the course as Course Administrators. 

A.  Deleting a Class

B.  Putting a Class in the Past



A.  Deleting a Class

Note: No students can have been added to a class for it to be deleted.  Removing the students from the class will not allow for deletion.  If students were ever added, the only option is to move the class to the past.  See below. 


1.  Begin by editing the course.  This can be done through the admin role or from the dashboard by clicking Manage Courses

  • Admin role in Platinum Planner: Select your admin role.  Under ManageCourses/Classes/Sites, click Manage School Courses, then click Edit for the desired course under Actions. 8:23 edit .png
  • Admin role in EMSTesting or Platinum Tests Select your admin role.  Under Current Courses, click the red triangle button, then click Edit Course for the desired course.
  • Dashboard: On the main my.platinumed dashboard, click Manage Courses on the grey and black active courses tile on the left, then click edit for the desired course. 8:23 manage courses.png


2.  Click the Platinum Planner, EMSTesting, or Platinum Tests tab. 

8:25 ppc:emst.png


3.  Click the Classes tab. 

8:25 ppc classes.png


4.  Click delete for the desired class.  

8:25 ppc delete.png

Note: If delete is not an option, you will have to use the directions below.



B.  Putting a Class in the Past: 

This is done to close the class.  This prevents the class from appearing in the drop-down when adding tests to classes or when creating new opportunities.  It will not appear as a current class for students and instructors.

1.  Edit your course.  Click the Manage Courses drop-down from the main dashboard and then edit in the Actions column beside the course that contains the class.  (See step 1 above for directions through the admin role)



2.  Select which platform. Select either the EMSTesting, Platinum Tests, or Platinum Planner tab to access the classes for each program.



3.  Click the Classes tab. 

4.  Select edit for the class you would like to remove from view. 



5. Change the Class Ends field to move the class into the past.  

Note: The class start and end dates must still fit within the start and end dates for your course. These dates can be found on the course settings page from the previous steps.





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