(Student) Assessment Testing

Alanah Manning -

Your school may require you to complete Assessment Exams before or at the beginning of your course.  


Steps 1-3: How to pay for access to assessment testing. 

Steps 4-5: Accessing assessment tests. 


Cost: $5 for access to just the assessment exams or it is included in the cost of Full Access. 

Note: If your school requires you to pay $5 for assessment exams before being admitted into the course.  The $5 fee will NOT be applied toward your Full Access fee. 


Accessing your Assessment Exams: 

1.  Create your student role.  Click here if you need help creating your student account. 


2.  Enroll in your course.  Click here if you need help with how to enroll in a course. 

Note: You will not have immediate access after enrollment is submitted.  Your instructor has given you access from their side.  Contacting Platinum Educational Group's support team will not speed along the process.  They cannot accept you into the course on behalf of a school. 


3.  Pay for access to the Assessment Exams by entering your credit card info and clicking Submit.  If you are paying for Full Access, you can also use an Access Code for payment. 


Note: We do not have Access Card Codes for just Assessment Testing.  If you use your Access Card Code, it will remove the $5 from your Code balance. For this reason we do not recommend using your Access Card Code for the $5 Assessment section.



4.  Once payment is submitted you will have access to your Assessment Exams.  Click your Student role for either EMSTesting or Platinum Tests to navigate to them. 



5.  Click the dropdown for the test you would like to take and click Take Test.  


  • Paramedic Students: There are 2 versions of the Entry Assessment exam.  The Paramedic AEMT Entry Assessment and the Paramedic EMT Entry Assessment.  It is unlikely you are required to complete both versions.  If you are unsure of which you are required to take, reach out to your instructor. 
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Note: If you have taken an assessment exam before, but need to retake it reach out to your instructor to have it reset.  If the assessment exam was completed at a different school, contact Platinum Support for assistance. 

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