Copy Theft Policy

Per our terms and conditions (TOS):

 Platinum Educational Group explicitly prohibits the storing and/or retrieving, downloading, copying, cutting and pasting, transcribing, or otherwise duplicating or distributing, posting, or modifying any PEG content, information, or materials. All users must agree to the terms of service after creating their account and are reminded of the TOS and the consequences of violation before they are allowed to take any tests.


What triggers the copy ban? 

The user has to highlight and copy any text part by right-clicking and selecting copy or typing the shortcut ctrl/command C. 


What will not trigger the copy ban? 

Only highlighting, hovering, or any other random key is touched. 


Consequences of violating PEG's copy theft policy: 

First Violation

The first violation will result in the user being suspended from the website for 3 minutes. This violation will also be sent to their School Administrators and Instructors.

Second Violation

A second violation will result in the user being suspended from the website for 5 minutes. Their school administrators and instructors will also be notified of this violation.

Third Violation

A third violation will result in the instant termination of the user’s access from and/or, and notification of the violation and termination of access will be sent to their School Administrators and Instructors.

Note: Copying both the questions and the answers counts for 2 strikes. 


Automatic Removal From EMSTesting: 

Any user caught posting, sharing, transcribing, or otherwise reproducing Platinum Educational Group’s protected intellectual property, in whole or in part, will have their account access terminated without recourse for reversal. The termination of their account privileges will be permanent and not be reversed for any reason. For more information, please click the following: Content Security and Enforcement of Platinum Educational Group’s Terms and Conditions of Use – Platinum Educational Group


Students agree to the copy theft terms and conditions many times on our site.

1. When they create an account and log in for the first time. It is a part of our terms and conditions as stated above. 

2. A toast on the dashboard appears for all new EMSTesting student accounts. The only way for it to no longer appear is to select "I acknowledge" at the bottom of the message. If a student X's it away, it will reappear every time they log in until it is acknowledged. 

3. Before every linear exam, adaptive exam, assessment test, and when entering the Test Review (question/answer/annotation review) for an exam, a modal pops up. The only way to proceed to the exam is to agree.  

The toast: 
Unfortunately, we have had to increase the security of our site significantly.
The following have been initiated as a result:
  • If you copy an entire question along with the answer choices your account will be immediately banned. You will have no recourse and will be entitled to no refund.
  • If you attempt to copy any part of a question, the first attempt will result in a 3-minute suspension of your account. The second attempt will result in a 5-minute suspension of your account. The third attempt will result in a permanent ban of your account with no recourse and no refund.  

The modal: 

By selecting “I agree”, I am acknowledging that I am not permitted to copy, duplicate, transmit or utilize any other method of collecting and saving the items or anything associated with the items on the test I am about to take

I further acknowledge that, if it is discovered that I have violated this agreement, my access to this site will be terminated and I will not have any recourse to reverse this action nor will I be entitled to any refund. 


Terms and Conditions: 

Click here to read Platinum Educational Groups' terms and conditions. They can also be read on our main site under Terms of Use


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