(Student) Installing Secure Testing

Secure testing is an application that allows instructors to give tests remotely while being able to make the students only have the test site open on the device they are using to test. (lockdown browser)


Downloading Secure Testing: 

1.  First login to your Student role and navigate to your test. 

2.  When you click Take Test, this will bring you to the Test Instructions page.  This is where you will find the link to download secure testing. 

3.  Click on the download link that conforms to your computer's operating system.  



4.  Once you click on a link, depending on the settings of your browser, it may download immediately or might bring up a window asking you where you want the file to be saved. Once you've decided and the file is downloaded run the file to initiate the installation of the application (shown below on Mac).

  • Mac: the file downloaded will be a zip file. When opened it should bring up a different file named something like Install Platinum Secure Testing.pkg. Now double-click this file to install.
  • If you get the prompt shown below click continue.
  • Follow prompts with continue, next, then install.
  • It may ask for your computer's administrator password to complete the installation

5. Once you get the screen below of successful installation then go back to your test instructions page and click Begin Test at the very bottom.



If you know you have installed it correctly, but something goes wrong when you click Begin Test take a look at our troubleshooting article. 

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