(Instructor) Removing Students and Deleting/Canceling Labs

It is possible to cancel or delete lab(s). To do so, any students added to the lab would first need to be removed. 


A. Removing Students from the Lab. 

B. Canceling the Lab. 



A. Removing students from the lab

1. In your Instructor role for Platinum Planner, select the Labs tab and click Manage Labs



2. Locate the Lab. This can be done by utilizing the search options or scrolling to find it in the Upcoming.  

3. Remove any students added to the lab. Click the Students option under Actions.

Note: If no students are added to the lab, skip to Canceling the Lab below.  



4. Click Remove All.   

Note: If any documentation is in progress, it will be noted next to the student's name. You cannot remove a student who has documentation in progress. If you still want to cancel the lab, you must go into the student's documentation and remove anything completed. 



5. Add a Reason for removing the student(s) from the lab (optional). 

6. Save Changes. After saving it, you will return to the Manage Labs screen. 




B.  Canceling the lab

1. Now that we have removed all the students from the lab, we can cancel it. Under Actions, click Cancel



2. Confirm that you want to cancel the lab, then click Yes, Cancel. If not, click No


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