Early Check in/Check out Ranges and Requiring Check in/outs

Alanah Manning -

Administrators now have the ability to require students to check in and out of their clinical opportunities.  Additionally, there is the ability to see when students check in or out of shifts outside of a specified time range by selecting this feature in your clinical or field internship class settings.  


Requiring Clinical Check In and Out: 

These settings control the students access to their clinical opportunity based on if they have clocked in or out depending on the requirements of the class.  You will see this setting requirement under the Settings tab of your clinical or field internship classes.  Enable it by checking the boxes, then save when finished making adjustments. 


Requiring Check in:  This setting will prevent the student from document their clinical opportunity until they have checked in.  

Requiring Check Out: This setting prevents a student from being able to submit their opportunity until after they have checked out. 



Early Check In and Out Ranges: 

You will see this feature when you edit your clinical or field internship class under settings.  Enable it by checking the box and adding the time ranges.  Save when finished.



When a student checks in or out outside of the set ranges, the instructor will see a warning in the documentation.  The warning can be clicked to see more information. 



When you click the dropdown: 




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