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The top blue link, View Clinical Progress is there to help you monitor your progress documenting cases.  Click on the blue buttons to view skills. 

You will see the Upcoming, Ready to Document, Returned, Submitted, Approved, Rejected and All tabs with your opportunities.  A Past Due Tab may also appear if you have late documentation. 


Upcoming Tab

The Upcoming opportunity tab shows you opportunities you have scheduled from your available opportunities that are upcoming, so you can view the details of your opportunities and plan your schedule in advance. You can see details for this opportunity by clicking the Details link.  If you need to be removed from an opportunity, you can do so by clicking Request Removal


Ready to Document Tab

The Ready to Document tab is the default tab and shows all shifts you have completed and are able to enter your documentation on. You can begin completing your paperwork by clicking on the Begin Documentation link. Follow the begin documentation section instructions (below) for help.


Returned Tab

The Returned tab contains all opportunities returned to you to from your instructor or preceptor. Click on the Details to see the details of your opportunity. Click the Fix Documentation link to go back to your documentation and fix the information that your instructor requested you to fix. Submit the documentation back to your instructor and it will go to your Submitted tab.


Submitted Tab

The Submitted tab displays all shifts that are pending instructor approval.


You can see details for this opportunity by clicking the Details link.


The View Documentation link goes to a page that gives you your evaluation information and patient/skill information you entered.


Approved Tab

The Approved tab displays all shifts that have been approved by your instructor. Any shifts that are displayed here that have been approved by your instructor are included in your progress report. 


You can see details for this opportunity by clicking the Details link.


The View Documentation link goes to a page that gives you your evaluation information and case/skill information, documents for your review.


Rejected Tab

The Rejected tab contains all documentation that has been rejected by your instructor.  You can see the Details or View Documentation.


All Tab

The All tab shows all opportunities from all the tabs combined.

Available Opportunities

This page will allow you to view opportunities that apply to a class that you have enrolled in.

Note: If there are no classes in your list, you may need to either enroll in a new class or your class has not yet begun or has already ended.


Select your Class from the drop-down (class is only field required to search) and/or the date, title, location or preceptor to view the opportunity or opportunities to are looking for. Click the Search button.

The Category Selection tab allows you to filter opportunities by category. Click on any of the available categories to filter. A check-mark will show next to the selected categories.

The View Hours Progress tab gives you a preview of your progress so you are aware of opportunities that you may still need to complete for your class.

You will see a list in the Available tab. Click Sign-Up or Details in the actions column to sign up for the opportunity. If you are already in the opportunity, it will not show in the list of available ones.


If the opportunity is not set to auto-accept, the opportunity will show in the Pending tab until your instructor or the site has accepted your request. Once it is accepted, you will receive an email and the opportunity will show in the Available tab.


Sign-up for Available Opportunities

When you click Sign-Up, it will either take you to Create Opportunity page or the Request Site Access page.


If you get the Request Site Access page you will need to upload the requested documentation before you are able to sign-up for the opportunity before you are able to sign-up for the opportunity. Click on the green section or drag and drop your documentation into the green box, then click the Request Authorization button. You will then be brought back to your Find New Opportunities page.

Note: If you are signing up for a Shift Based Opportunity, you will not need to go through the additional steps below. The system will look for availability automatically for this opportunity and add you to it.  If your instructor has chosen to manually accept students to the opportunity, you will need to wait for your instructor to accept you to the Shift Based Opportunity you selected. You will receive an email once you have been accepted.

Note: This opportunity will not appear in your Calendar until it has been accepted.


The Site Details of the opportunity will show in the top area with a map.


The Opportunity Scheduler will show you the first available date you can start, along with how long the opportunity will be scheduled for. 


Click on a time to go to the opportunity (in green) and verify the opportunity details.

Click the Sign Up button to sign up.

The opportunity has been scheduled and the system will take you back to the Find New Opportunities page so that you can schedule more opportunities

Begin Documentation

When you click on the Begin Documentation link you will be brought to the Clinical Opportunity Documentation Overview page.





Click Select Preceptor to select the preceptor assigned to this clinical from the dropdown box. If you do not see your preceptor, you can create a new one by selecting the New button.  If the New button does not appear for you, then your instructor does not allow for students to add new preceptors.  You will need to reach out to your instructor for assistance. 


For schools with numerous preceptors, your drop-down for selecting preceptors on this page will change. You will only see preceptors previously used in the drop-down. If the preceptor you need is not in the list, click the Search button next to New to find the preceptor.


Type in the preceptor first name and/or last name and/or email address to find the preceptor in the system. Click the Select button next to the preceptor needed in the list.


The preceptor you selected will show on the information page.

Click Save Changes button.

The Attendance tab allows you to check-in to a clinical or schedule breaks into your clinical.


Click the Check-In button to check into your clinical. The prompt will tell you that you have checked in and will change to check-out. Press the Check-Out button when you are ready to check out.

Click the Add Break button when you would like to break from your clinical.


Enter your break Title and the Start/End Dates and Times. Click Submit to enter your break.

Click the Save Changes button on the top right of the page.


Click the Add Case button to add a patient.


Select the Case Information from the dropdowns and add any notes, then select the skill or skills performed and if they were your role was 1st Scrub, 2nd Scrub or Observed.


The Skills Performed area will show the corresponding skill and role.


Click Save to save your case information.

Time: Click on the time to set a time for when you observed this case.

Procedure Notes: Put any notes that should be included for this case. 

Skills 1st Scrub, 2nd Scrub, and observed: Select the skill form the dropdown menu, then select whether you observed, attempted or were successful with the skill. If you were involved with multiple skills, keep choosing skills until you have entered all of them.


If you need to make any changes to a case, click edit case. If you need to delete the patient, click delete case.

Case Evaluator- Your school may require a Case Evaluator's signature per case.  If so, add their first/last name and contact info. You will need to have your Evaluator sign the signature field. This will be required to submit the documentation.

The Skills Performed area will show you the skill chosen and the role.

Click the Save button to save your live skill information.


Note: If you have questions about the forms on this page, please consult your instructor for more information.

This page lists all forms for your opportunity that you need to complete from your School or Instructor.


Click on a form to expand the area, then click the Fill out Form button.


This page allows you to download instructor provided documents. Click on the link for the document you want. Your browser will begin a download. Once the download is complete, click on the file to open.


If you downloaded a file, you should now save your file in a location on your computer. Try to name your file so that you can easily identify it when/if you need to upload it back into this area.

To upload your file, click or drag and drop it to the green area. After your file has been uploaded, you will see your file listed to download or delete right above the browse box.


Congratulations, you have completed the necessary steps and can now submit your clinical documents to your instructor. If you would like to write an optional message, you can do that in the message area.

If you see a signature box, have your Preceptor sign to confirm your presence.  If you do not see a signature box, then your instructor does not require it.  


Click on the Submit Documentation button. The documentation will show in the submitted tab on the My Opportunities page.

Resume Documentation

Note: This option will only show if you exited your documentation before submitting it.

If you do not want to proceed to completing your clinical documentation, you can close out your browser at this point and come back to it to resume. When you come back into the site, go to the My Opportunities page and click on the Begin Documentation link next to your clinical to resume.

Fix Documentation

If your instructor does not accept your clinical documentation, they may choose to send it back to you for correction. You will get an email notifying you that your instructor has sent this back to you to fix. To find the opportunity you need to fix, go into the Opportunities page. You will see Fix Documentation next to your opportunity.


Submitted tab

The Submitted tab means that you have submitted your documentation for review. The opportunity will have View Documentation and Request Return links next to it.

The Request Return link will return the submitted documentation to you from your instructor.
Important: Once your instructor chooses to accept the return, you will see the returned documentation in the returned tab with a Fix Documentation link.
Click on the Fix Documentation link, fix your documentation, then submit your documentation to your instructor again.

Approved tab

Once your instructor completes your paperwork on their end, the status for this opportunity will change to Approved and show in the Approved tab.



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