(Student) Documenting Cases [SUR]

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Documenting Opportunity Cases for Surgical Technology Students: 


1.  Login to Platinum and select your Student role at the bottom of the main dashboard. 

2.  Under Opportunities, select My Opportunities from the dropdown. Once selected you will be able to view any assigned opportunities.

3.  Select Begin Documentation to document cases. 


You will see different icons along the left side of the screen which leads into different areas of the documentation.

  • O/ Overview: provides the date, location, scheduled hours, Category, and class.
  • I/ Info: will provide shift details and attendance to record your breaks, select your preceptor and add your actual start time and end time of the shift, summary is not required unless instructed differently by your instructor.
  • C/ Cases: where you will select Add Case to record case information and skills completed.
  • F/ Forms: any required or enabled forms selected to be completed by your Instructor.
  • D/ Documents: any documents that need to be added to your cases.
  • S/ Submit: This is where you will go to submit your documented cases to your instructor for review and approval. 

4.  Select the Info Tab.  Add your preceptor and attendance information.  

Note: If you do not see your preceptor in the dropdown, you may need to use the search bar to find them.  Not everyone has the option to add new preceptors.  If you do not see the new button, you may need to reach out to your instructor if your preceptor is not listed.   



5.  Select the Cases tab.  Click Add Case to begin documenting cases.


  • After selecting Add Case you will enter information regarding each case you document by selecting the Surgical Cases/Procedures (*) asterisk symbol means information is required in this field from the dropdown. The time of the case will record automatically after add case is selected.  You will then enter the skill group from the dropdown, then select any skills associated with the selected skill group prior.3DA67CCA-957E-44DF-AFD2-35FB3A5CCB83.jpeg
  • You will then need to select 1st Scrub,2nd Scrub or Observation, clicking on the ? mark will provide an explanation of these roles. 239E6ACF-B803-4C1E-B4EF-F20410B7F6E6.jpeg
  • You will then have the option if selected by your instructor to have the evaluator sign off on each case, if not set you will not see the box for the evaluator's signature.1B33063F-CD64-4881-90B0-2A3F8F990E45.jpeg


6.  Select the Forms tab.  Fill out all the forms in the section.  

7.  Select the Documents tab.  If you need to add any documents to the opportunity, this is where you will upload them.  There may also be downloads here is your instructor has attached anything. 

8.  Select the Submit tab. Once all information in each tab is completed you will Submit your documentation.  If documentation or a signature is required and you are missing any forms, the system will provide notice before allowing you to submit documentation to the instructor. Once these steps are completed and no red or yellow alerts appear you will be able to submit completed documentation to the instructor by selecting Submit Documentation.






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