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What is a Primary Contact?
The primary contact is the person who is Platinum Educational Group’s main point of contact for your institution. This is the person that PEG will send invoices to when renewal time is approaching, check in with regularly to ensure that everything is going well or contact in the event of any issues. 

Why is it essential to have an up-to-date Primary Contact?
This is most important when it comes to renewal time. If the contact is no longer correct and no longer with the school, our accountant will contact the incorrect person to assist in renewing the school for another year. If not caught in time, this can result in an interruption in service.

Is it possible to have more than one?
There is one Primary Contact per platform. It is possible to have a different contact for each platform you use. For example, if your school uses all three of our platforms: EMSTesting/Platinum Tests, Platinum Planner, and AccredAssist, there could be a separate person for all three or the same for multiple. It can be whatever the school needs it to be. If there must be 2 contacts for one platform, please contact our sales team. Though we would have to choose one person for the school’s settings, we can make internal notes in our systems to contact multiple people when necessary.


How do I update the Primary Contact? 

The primary contact can update who is listed within the system.  

1. On the dashboard, click the dropdown on the green credit button and select Edit School. 


2. Scroll down to the bottom, locate the Primary, click on the drop-down, and select the new person.  Ensure you change the correct software type (EMSTesting, Planner, or AccredAssist). 

3. Click Update School. This will save the change. 


What to do when the Primary Contact has left suddenly or forgot to update before leaving?
If your school’s primary contact has left the school suddenly or forgot to update it, as soon as the replacement is determined or interim, please contact us as quickly as possible to let us know of this change. You can contact our support team or sales team. We will update our systems and assist the new person in the transition however needed. This makes for the most seamless transition.  The new contact should reach out to a person of authority within the program to inform PEG of the change and the replacement. We can then update our systems and assist the new contact and/or school in whatever way is needed in the transition.

Who should I contact in Platinum Educational Group?
Support team or our Sales team. You would only need to contact one. However, no matter who you reach out to in Platinum Educational Group, even if that person is unable to assist, they will quickly get the information to the right people, and everything will be taken care of efficiently.

  • Support team:
    Email: support@platinumed.zendesk.com
    Chat: When logged into Platinum, there is a red Help button on the bottom right. Click it, then select the red Live Chat button.
  • Sales Team: Email: sales@platinumed.com or email your account representative directly.


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