(Student) Skill Progress Changed when Documentation was Returned

Sarah Smith -

When running the Progress Report, it is feasible that you may see your skills progress bars fluctuate.


Platinum Planner was designed to require instructor approval for your skill attempts to count towards your overall progress. This means when you run a course progress report using the default settings, the only competencies that count towards your completed column or progress bars are those successful attempts from documentation that have been approved by your instructor. 


So, if you have documentation that was approved but then is later rejected or returned to you, this will cause the completed numbers to decrease when the report is run again.


If you choose to run the report with the Include pending hours and skill points in totals toggle set to Yes while you have documentation submitted to your instructor, points from your pending documentation will be included in the totals, but if that documentation is returned to you, in that returned state the points would not count towards the progress. If the pending documentation is rejected, this will also cause the completed numbers to decrease.


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