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School Administrators are responsible for creating new courses in EMSTesting. Course Instructors can edit courses the School Administrators create, once a School Administrator has assigned them to the course from the dashboard. Instructors can edit most settings for classes they have be associated with.

On the home page, as a School Administrator for EMSTesting you will see Current Courses listed on the top left column of the page.


To add a course, click the Add Course button.


On this page, you will fill out the information for your new course.

The School dropdown will default to your school if you are only associated with one school, however if you are an administrator in multiple schools this is where you would select the school that the course belongs in.

For the Course Name, you will want to choose a name that relates to what the course is so that your students can easily identify your course when enrolling.

Next, enter the Course Begins and the Course Ends dates.

Note (AccredAssist Users): If you are an AccredAssist user, you will also see the Actual Start and Actual End dates.  Set the Course Begins/Ends dates for when you would like the course to be open to students and end when you want students to no longer have access.  Set the Actual Start and End dates for when the Course actually begins and ends, so attrition and surveys done correctly. 

You can add a Course Description if you would like to add additional details about your course.

Note:  For the end date, students do have to be enrolled in an active class in an active course to have access to the Computer Adaptive Testing feature.  Accordingly, extending the course and class out beyond the actual end dates will allow students to have additional time with their practice tests before National Registry exams.

If you would like your students to message each other through the system, check Allow student to message each other.

If you would like your students to manually enroll in the course, check Allow students to manually enroll in this course.

If you would like instructors to have the ability to manage student class enrollments, check Allow instructors to manage student class enrollments.

Click Save to continue. You will see 5 tabs upon saving your new course.

If you have a school subscription to EMSTesting, click on "EMSTesting" on the tab, then click the large green button to enable the course.


For more detail on creating courses, see the PlatinumEd School Admin manual

Course Settings


Choose your Curriculum, then click the Save button.


Click on the Classes tab to create a new class or to edit any existing classes.


After clicking the Save button, you will see the Segments, Grade Book, Students, Tests and Adaptive tabs appear.


On the Segments tab, enter the name of the first semester in the top line under name. Then prior to entering the end date of the first segment jot down the end date currently listed. Overwrite the end date of line one with the end date of your first semester/segment.

Enter the name of the second semester, start date, end date, and then select the green "+" sign.


Repeat this process until you reach the original end date. When done click the Save button.

Grade Book

The Grade Book tab is where you enter in the values that you would like the program to use to automatically grade your tests and populate the grade book for the class.

Note: This is very important to do before students begin testing. If this tab is not filled out or filled out incorrectly it can result in students seeing incomplete or inaccurate grades.

If you do not want "Other" you can delete it by selecting the red "X" to add additional grade type descriptions. We recommend you keep "Other" for special projects, homework, etc.

You can also enter custom descriptions in the open line and select the "+" sign to add them. This is the place if you would like to add new descriptions to the grade book!

You must enter a class passing percentage.

You can also use raw scores instead of cut-score based grading. Not recommended.

Raw Scores are a straight percentage of questions answered correctly. Cut Score based grading considers the difficulty of the material being tested on, grades the students accordingly, and is a far more accurate representation of student competency levels.


On the Students tab, you will see all the students who have been accepted in to that class. Those in green are your active students and those in red are your flagged/dropped students.


Click the reverse enrollment link to reverse the enrollment for a student. Note: You can only reverse enrollment for a student that has not yet paid for the class.

Click the Save button once your changes have been made.


On the Tests tab, you will see all tests associated with the class. Click the Add Test to Class button.


This page will list all tests available for this class, click the add button next to the test you would like to add.


Once you have clicked the add button you will see a list of settings that you will have to set for your test. Fill out all information that you would like the test to contain. See the explanation of the fields below. Remember to click save once you have your test settings completed.

After adding a test to a class (directions above), check the “Require Platinum Secure Testing” checkbox if you want to lockdown your test with Platinum Secure Testing.

For more explanation: Read more about Platinum Secure Testing.


Start Date and Start Time – This is the earliest a student can start taking the test.

End Date and End Time – This is the latest a student can start taking the test. Test results are only available after this date and time setting. The test end date can be moved either forward or backward. You would move the ending date forward because all students had completed the test early. You would move a test end date back to accommodate a student who was absent or missed a test.

Start/Resume Limit – This setting limits the number of times a student can login, logout and login again. Since this includes internet service interruptions we suggest you leave this setting to unlimited unless you are administering the test in a controlled environment.

Minutes Allowed – This is the length of time you will allow the students to take the test. This timer begins upon selecting the first question and does not stop if a student logs out.

Enable Previous Button – If you allow students to answer prior questions they can back up but WILL be required to re-answer all questions that were backed over. This box will turn yellow with a warning when selected because selecting this may invalidate your test results.

Student Test Result Detail Level - This provides four categories of test results. Level 1- Score Only Review shows cut/raw score, passing score, then indicates pass or fail. Levels 1,2- Extended Review shows time on test, and results based on: Reading Level, Bloom Level, Cut Score, National Registry, and Educational Standard. Levels 1,2,3 - Curriculum Breakdown Review shows results based on the National Curriculum. Levels 1,2,3,4 - Full Question/Answer/Annotation Review allows the students to see the questions, and by selecting more, the choices, the key, their choice, and the rationale.

Require Platinum Secure Testing - When students use Platinum Secure Testing, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. Checking Require Platinum Secure Testing will require your students to download software onto their computers, which is available before they begin their test(s). Click the red question mark icon for more information. Students can do secure testing on an iPad. More information about Platinum Secure Testing on an iPad.

Show Student Results Immediately - By selecting this box you are asking that the students receive their results immediately upon completion of their test. (Note: Because this can occur prior to any of the other students even starting, this box will turn yellow with a warning when selected because selecting this may invalidate your test results and is not recommended).

Student Test Password - By entering a password into this line, the student or test proctor will need to enter the password when requested prior to actually beginning the test.


Click the Save button.

Note: You should now see the test listed  in your tests currently associated with this class.


On the Adaptive tab, Set the Test Limit. A value of 0 means there is no limit.


Select the modules you would like to set for the class. We show all the curriculums for the current provider level.

Click the Save button.

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