(Student) My Dashboard [PlatinumEd]

Welcome to the Student dashboard for Platinum Educational Group products. If you did not enter a course code during login, you will see the enroll now call-out on your dashboard.

Click ENROLL NOW to enroll in your school and course.

Search for your School and Course in the drop-down.


Course Code (Optional): If you have a Course Code from your school or instructor, click the "Click here if you have been given a Course Code from your school" link at the top of the page. Once you enter the code, you will automatically be submitted in your course. You can skip selecting your profession, school or course on this page if you have a course code.

Select your Profession and your School from the drop-downs. You will see the available courses show in the Select a Course drop-down.

Note:  If your course is not listed you will not be able to complete the registration at this time. Please contact your school if this occurs.

If you are a student not part of a school, click the “I am not affiliated with a school” checkbox to proceed.

Click the Signup button.

Note: If you need to change your Profession, School or Course click the delete link to reset your enrollment.


Once you have submitted your request, you will see the message above letting you know your status.

Paying for a Course

Note: Fees will be due after you have been accepted into a course. The fees listed may change and are dependent on the contract your school may have with Platinum Educational Group.

If you have been accepted by your school and your school has not paid for your enrollment in the class, your status will change to Accepted (Pending Payment).


Click the Complete My Registration button to proceed.


Choose the Product you are purchasing and enter either your Access Card number or Credit Card number and click Submit to pay for your course.

Note: If you purchased an access card online, through a bookstore, or received an access card along with your book please do not use a credit card below. 

Enroll into a Class

You will then be logged in and brought to the my.platinumed.com dashboard.

You will see a role link under EMSTesting if you are an EMS student and signed up for testing. You will see a role link under PlatinumTests if you are a Nursing student and signed up for testing.

You will see a role link under PlatinumPlanner if you signed up (all professions) for scheduling, skill tracking and reporting.

Your next step is to enroll into a class, click the Enroll link on your dashboard.


Click the Enroll in a Class toggle on the top of the page and choose your class from the list.


Note:  If your class is not listed, please contact your instructor.

Attendance Tracking

As a student, if your school enabled the attendance tracking features you will see a Check In callout at the top of your student dashboard.

Your instructor will use these attendance features to let them know that you attended an event. The event is any Test, Classes or Opportunities you are currently signed up for in your School.

Note: You will also see a notification from your browser asking to share your location, please click “allow” to share your location with your Instructor.

This call-out shows that you have 1 class ready for check-in. Click Check In.


You will see your current class listing come up with a green check in button. Click the Check-in button for your class when you are attending it.


A check-in dialog will come up with the information for the event. Click the red Check-in button.


Your dashboard callout will now show that you have 1 item ready for Check-Out. Click the Check-Out button when you are done with the event.


Click on the yellow Check-out button. A dialog will come up with optional comments you can send to your instructor if needed. Click the red Check Out button to check out.


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