(School) Account Details [PlatinumEd]

Click the my account link on the top right of your screen to get to your account information.


Click the Update My Account Information link to update your account information.


You can change your email address, update your time zone (if different from your school time zone), profession, etc.

Click the Update Account button to save your changes.

Change Password

To change your password, click on the Change My Password link. Enter your new password and confirm it by typing it in again.


Click the Change Password button.

Edit School

Click the Edit School: “School Name” link to edit your school information.

Note: If you are not the School's primary contact, you will not be able to edit your school information, however, as a School Administrator you will have a link to View School information that the primary contact has set.

Here you can edit school information, enable attendance tracking, add school credit, add a default campaign code if using verifystudents.com, see the testing subscription plan, and testing expiration date, renew the testing subscription, and see the platinum planner expiration date.

Attendance Tracking

On the Edit School page, you will see a new group of settings under the “Attendance Tracking” heading. These settings allow the primary School Administrator to customize the attendance tracking notifications that students will see on their dashboard.

The settings also control what the instructor can view on their Manage Attendance page. By default, these will all be disabled and are up to the primary School Administrator to enable.

“Testing Classes” and “Tests” are specifically for EMSTesting/PlatinumTests.

Enabling these buttons will show a notification to students on their dashboard that they have a request to check in for their class or classes and tests as well.

Once the student chooses to “check-in”, the attendance feature will record the student’s site, event, type, name, check-in and check-out dates and times, attendance, and hours.

The image below shows an example of what instructors only will see on their Manage Attendance page on their my.platinumed.com dashboard.


Under the View link in the image above, the Instructor will be able to view more information about their students. This includes the student’s location, as well as a map and the coordinates of their location. Please Note: If the location was captured on a device that does not have GPS, the location shown will be based on an IP address which may not be an accurate predictor of location.

“Planner Classes”, “Clinicals”, “Labs”, and “Scenario” is for all programs in Platinum Planner.

Enabling these buttons will show a notification to students on their dashboards that they have a request to check in for their class, clinicals, labs, and/or Scenario.

Click the Update School button when you have completed the Attendance Tracking area.

Accreditation Expiration Date

Set the date your school's accreditation expires.

Allow instructors to use the "login as" feature

If you would like to allow Instructors in your School the ability to login as other users, check the box to enable this feature.

School Balance/Add School Credit

You will see your current school balance near the end of the page. An add school credit button is next to the balance for easily adding credit.

Click on the Add School Credit button.


Here you can use access cards or a credit card to purchase school credit. If you have a current credit balance, it will show on the top left of the page. Your school balance will show after you have hit the Submit button, on the edit school page under Current School Balance.

Click on the Renew Testing Subscription button.


The Renew Testing Subscription button allows you to renew your annual school subscription to EMSTesting or PlatinumTests.

Transaction History

The Transaction History tab will give you all history of the transactions that have been made in your School Account.



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