(Clinical Shared Site) Manage Calendar Emails [EMS]

Erika Jensen -

Platinum Planner allows you to send scheduled emails to Shared Site locations
On the Manage Calendar emails page, click the Add New Schedule button.

Choose the Shared Site, Location, Occurrence and Start Date and any message. Then Add a new recipient(s) by email address. The emails you add here are emails to people in outside locations like hospitals, etc.


Click the Submit button to start the email schedule you have chosen.

You will be directed to the Manage Calendar Emails page where you will see the email information you just set up as well as the Last Sent/Next Sent date for the email.


Click the Edit link in the actions column if you would like to edit the email information.

Click Send if you would like to see the last time the schedule was sent and would like to send the schedule again.

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