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Creating Courses

School Administrators (as part of the unified course/class release in August 2017) are now responsible for creating new courses in EMSTesting. Course Instructors can edit courses the School Administrator role creates, once the School Administrator has assigned the Instructor to the course from the dashboard. Instructors can edit most settings for classes they have been associated with. 
On the home page as a School Administrator for EMSTesting, you will see Current Courses listed on the top left column of the page. To add a course, click the Add Course button.

You will be brought to the Create New Course page where you will fill out the information for your new course.


The School drop-down will default to your school if you are only associated with one school, however if you are an administrator in multiple schools this is where you would select the school that the course belongs in.

For the Course Name, you will want to choose a name that relates to what the course is so that your students can easily identify your course when enrolling.

Next, enter the Course Begins and the Course Ends dates.

You can add a Course Description if you would like to add additional details about your course.

Note:  For the end date, students do have to be enrolled in an active class in an active course to have access to the Computer Adaptive Testing feature.  Accordingly, extending the course and class out beyond the actual end dates will allow students to have additional time with their practice’s tests before National Registry exams.

If you would like your students to message each other through the system, check Allow student to message each other.

If you would like your students to manually enroll in the course, check Allow students to manually enroll in this course.

If you would like instructors to have the ability to manage student class enrollments, check Allow instructors to manage student class enrollments.

Click Save to continue. You will see 5 tabs upon saving your new course.

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