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To manage your Schedules, click on School Schedules in the top menu.

If this is your first time setting up a schedule, you will not see any listed. Go to the Locations & Schedules page to add new schedules.
To edit any existing schedules, click on a schedule in the list then, click the red Edit Schedule button.
The Edit Schedule page is shown (below). Fill out your schedule options according to the information needed.
Schedule Name: You must choose a Schedule Name.
Auto-accept Student Join Requests: There is a check box to Auto Accept Student Join Requests. If you uncheck this, you will have to accept students manually (one by one) by going to the Opportunities/ Requests section in the top menu.

Schedule Status: This toggle makes the schedule Active or Inactive/Flagged.

Maximum Simultaneous Students: This is the number of students you can put on the same schedule at the same time. 

Signup X days in advance: Signup Due Date Allowed Formats: (1) Positive Number - Ex = 3: Must sign up 3 days in advance of the opportunity date. (2) Negative Number - Ex = -25: Must sign up by the 25th of the previous month. Use -31 for the last day of the previous month.

Minimum Shift Length: This is the minimum amount of the shift length in hours.

Category: Choose a Category from the list.

Schedule Types


You can choose from Always Open, Business Hours, Custom Shifts or a Fire Schedule for your Schedule Types. You will see your schedule show as a preview in the calendar below so you will know that you have scheduled your opportunity for the correct dates.

Add in your Start and End Dates. Click the Create Schedule button.

You will see the Schools and Programs tabs. If you are using business hours, add the hours into the Business Hours area.

When you click the Save & Refresh button at the bottom of the page, the schedule will show on the Calendar days you have chosen.

Next, go to the Schools tab.

Check the box next to your school name, then select the Programs tab.
Make sure that the Programs you are using this schedule for are selected. Click the Saves & Exit button when you have completed all the information.
You will be brought to the Manage Schedules page where you will see the schedule you just created.
The Schedule Type column shows what this opportunity was scheduled for.

Note: As you continue to add in your schedules, the search and sort for the schedule types will help you narrow down which opportunity you are looking for.

You can Edit, or Flag your schedule in the actions column.

If you Flag, it omits the item from the active list and puts it on the Flagged/Inactive tab.  To add it back, click Unflag from the Flagged/Inactive tab.

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