(Medical Director) General Report [EMS]

Erika Jensen -

Select your Course then click the Run Report button.

The general report is a pivot table that can narrow down information and give you very powerful reports that are exportable to pdf for printing, sharing or saving. We have developed informational templates of the most common reports, which are called Report Templates.

Click to select a Report Template from the following:
Student Skills Matrix, Student Hours Matrix, Student Patients Matrix, Preceptor Skills Matrix, Preceptor Hours Matrix, Preceptor Patient Matrix, Site/Location Skills Matrix, Site/Location Hours Matrix, Site/Location Patient Matrix, Physician Time Matrix and an Empty Template where you can configure your own view from available fields.
If you are using the Empty Template option: Click the Configure Report button to add fields for your report. The fields will show you (in yellow) where each of the hidden fields belong when you drag and drop them into the filter area. Click the pin icon to customize options. Click the arrow to sort by descending or ascending.

Once you have customized your report, click the Export button to save it as an EXCEL report.


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