(Instructor) Manage Student Lab Documentation [EMS]

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This section is where your students submit their labs for you to review.

The page will show the students information in the tabs. The tabs reflect the status of Documenting, Ready for Review, Approved, Rejected and All.


Note: If you would like to include labs with no documentation, click the checkbox under the Lab Documentation Search.

 Documenting Tabs


The Documenting tab shows you all documents that students are currently working on, but haven’t submitted yet.


Click on the View link next to the student to see their documentation.

You will see the Lab Information.


Click on the Edit link next to the student to edit their documentation. If you need to change any of the lab details, click the Edit Details button on the top right.


Here you can document skills while your students are performing them, but only in the documenting tab.


Click the Add/Remove Skills button to add any additional skills performed.


Here you can search for a skill by name or choose a Category of skills.


Note: If your lab is in an EMS/Paramedic/Appendix G course, you will see an additional Classification above the Category to choose from. All skills listed will also be labeled with this classification.

As you click on the skills, they will be added to the Skills Performed list on the edit lab documentation page. Click the Close button once you have added the skills needed.


Once all skills are added you can now add a new skill attempt by click on the Add New Attempt button.


Fill out all of the required information for the attempt and any forms required. You may need to sign off on the skill attempt. Choose if the skill attempt was Successful or Unsuccessful on the bottom of the page.


You will see your attempt in the skill area with any forms completed.

Continue to the Forms tab and fill out any required forms for the lab. Upload any  lab documents, in the Lab Documents tabs.


Once you are ready to submit the lab, click the Submit Lab tab, and click the Submit Documentation button.

 Ready for Review Tab

The Ready for Review tab is where you view the student documentation once it is completed.

Click the View link in the actions area.


You will see the Lab Information, Skills Summary, Skills Details.


Under the information you will see the Approve, Return or Reject buttons.

Type in a message, then click the Return or Reject button to send the message along with the action you took.

When you select the Approve button the student will not receive an email unless you enter a message.

If you select Return, the opportunity will be sent back to the student to complete the desired portion you require. The documentation will then go to the Returned tab.

We also added a print button on this screen. Click the print button to print out the documentation.

Approved, Rejected and All Tabs

The Approved tab will show all student documentation you have approved. The Rejected tab will show all student documentation you have rejected. The All tab will show all student documentation.

View Lab Documents

This page gives you a preview of the documents you uploaded in the Manage Documents section by Lab Class File(s) and Lab Class Skill Sheet(s).


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