(Instructor) Manage Student Opportunity Documentation

Erika Jensen -

This section is where your students submit their clinical opportunity completion information for you to review.

The page will show the students information in the tabs. The tabs reflect the status of Documenting, Ready for Review, Returned, Approved, Rejected and All.

The Documenting tab shows you all documents that students are currently working on, but haven’t submitted yet. The tabs reflect the status by their name.


Click on the View Documentation link next to the student to see their documentation.

You will see the Evaluation Information (including if a preceptor signed-off), Patient/Skill Information, Shift Evaluation and Reviews.


Under that information you will see the Approve, Return, Reject and Print buttons.


Type in a message, then click the Return or Reject button to send the message along with the action you took.

Note: The Return button gives you a choice to either return the documentation to the Preceptor or Student for any changes needed. Click the button to get the option.

When you select the Approve button the student will not receive an email unless you enter a message.

If you select Return, the opportunity will be sent back to the preceptor or student to complete the desired portion you require. The documentation will then go to the Returned tab.

Click the print button to print out the documentation.


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