(Instructor) Manage Scenarios [EMS]

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Under Scenarios, select Manage Scenarios from the top menu.


This screen shows you tabs containing your Upcoming scenario sessions along with the History of the scenarios you have completed in the past. The All tab shows all scenarios uncategorized.

Select the Add New Scenario button in the red header bar on the top of the screen.


Note: The Scenario Name and Description will appear in the calendar for any students assigned to this scenario, so be careful not to provide them with more information than you think they should have.

On the Instructor – Create Scenario page you will see a space to add the Name of the new scenario, a drop-down to select your location of the new scenario, and a description.

Enter that information along with your scenario start, end date and time, maximum students allowed in the scenario and an optional drop-down to use a scenario template (see how to add a scenario template, above).

Hit the Create Scenario button to create your scenario.

You will then be directed to the Instructor - Edit Scenario page.


The Scenario Classes drop-down is where you can select the class or classes you want the scenario to be included in.

The required skills and documents setup in the template will show in the tabs.

Do a Skill Search by name, classification or group, then select the Active display toggle if you want to see your active required lab skills. These are the skills you’d like your students to have already shown some competency with on the lab side before they attempt this scenario.

Once you click the Save button you will go back to the Instructor – Manage Scenarios page.


You will then see your newly created scenario in the list and use the scenario you have chosen in the class you added it to.

If you are ready to add students to your scenario click the Students link next to the scenario.

 Add Students to Scenario

To add students, go to the Manage Scenarios page and check the students you would like to add to the scenario from the scenarios listed.


History - If your students have been assigned to any scenarios in the past, a blue icon will appear to the right of their name. Clicking on that blue icon will open up a history list of all previous scenarios they had been assigned to.

Warnings – If you students have not successfully completed one or more of the Required Lab Skills selected during creation of the scenario, or have another event scheduled at the same time as the scenario, a yellow icon will appear to the right of their name. Clicking on that yellow button will open up a warning list of any of the required lab skills the student has not completed yet for this scenario, and the name of any event the student is assigned to that will conflict with the scenario.

If a student has a yellow warning icon to the right of their name, and if you select the checkbox to the left of the name of that student to assign them to the scenario, a new checkbox will appear at the bottom of the page: “I acknowledge that some students may not meet requirements or may have conflicting schedules.”


Checking that box will allow you to assign students to the scenario even if they have a conflict on their schedule or are missing required lab skill competencies.

You will be able to add as many students as the maximum students you have allowed on the scenario when you set it up. Click Save Changes.


To view the students, you have added to the scenario, click Details next to your scenario in the list on the Instructor – Manage Scenarios page.


Students will show next to the students heading on the details page.


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