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The Manage Forms page lets you create custom forms for instructors, students, and/or preceptors you have selected to complete the form.

To add a customized Training form, go to Options and select Manage Forms and add a new form. In the Settings tab, select Training from the Type drop-down. See the Manage Training topic for more.

You will see all active, inactive, and global forms under the tabs for your school listed on the Manage Forms page.


To add a new form, click the Add New Form button on the top right of the page, also make sure you are an administrator if you plan on sharing the form with your school.


Here you will create your new form. The first step is to give your form a title, description, and type. Click on the edit link or click the Settings tab to do this.


Once you have given this information you can choose to enable the form so that you will see it in the Active form tab once you save it. To do that, click the Enabled button on the top right, then click Save And Refresh to start building your form.



There are 2 ways to add a field to the form. You can click on any of the green buttons to add the specific form control to your page or you can drag and drop a form control into your page on the right.


Form Controls: 

Text Box: A small section that can be typed into.

7:28 text box.png

Text Area: A larger section that can be typed into. 

7:28 text area.png

Multiple Choice: A question or statement with options.  Each option can be given a value that can be included in a total.

7:28 multiple choice.png

Section Title: A header for the section of the form. 

7:28 section title.png

Signature: A box that captures a signature using a cursor or touch screen. 

7:28 signature.png

Number: A number can be entered.  Minimum and maximum values can be set with the option to include the number in a total. 

7:28 number.png

Image: Picture added to the form. 

7:28 image.png

Dropdown: Question where 1 answer option can be selected in a dropdown format. 

7:28 dropdown.png

Check Box: A clickable box that has text next to it. 

7:28 check box.png

Rating: A section that allows for a rating to be given.  The value selected can be set to add to a total. 

7:28 rating.png

Question: A question with answer options where a correct answer can be selected.  Values can be given to the answer.  The answers to all questions will automatically total at the top of the page when viewed by an admin or instructor in the view of the filled-out form. This form control was originally designed for custom preceptor training but can be used in other capacities.7:28 question.png

Total:  A tally of the scores given for all questions with values attached that have the setting for including the value in the total selected.  

7:28 total points.png

Document: A document can be attached to be downloaded. 

7:28 document.png


Form Control Settings: 


Once you have added a form control to your form, click the tabs to customize the form fields. A Basic and Advanced tab will allow you to add the label of the form field, options, layout, placeholder, or help text if the form is required to answer. The Access tab allows you to enable who can see and use specific fields in the form. 

Once you have created the form, click the Save button to go back to the Manage Forms page.

If you Enable the form you will see it listed in the Active tab. If your form is Disabled, you will see it in the Inactive tab.

View/Print Form

To View or print the form, go to the Manage Forms page and click on View in the Actions menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Print button to print.

Edit Form

If you would like to Edit the form, go to the Manage Forms page and click the Edit link in the Actions column. Make your form changes and click the Save button to return to the Manage Forms page.

Clone Form

If you would like to Clone the form, go to the Manage Forms page and click the Clone link in the Actions column. You will see the title of your form with “- Clone” next to it. Change the title of your form, etc., and make any other changes you would like and your existing form will be cloned into a new form.

Note: Make sure to click Enabled if you would like to enable this cloned form! If not, it will appear in your Inactive tab on the Manage Forms page. 

To ensure that your custom form is assigned correctly, please select the appropriate category. If the form is meant to be associated with a skill, be sure to select "Skill." If it should be linked to a class, choose "Clinical" or "Lab Class" accordingly. This step is vital in ensuring that the form reaches the intended audience and serves its purpose effectively.



If the form you have created is a skill form, you can find directions on connecting your custom form to a skill by clicking here. 


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