(Instructor) Assign a Test to a Single Student

Alanah Manning -

It is not possible to assign a test to a specific student or small group of students, but there are settings that you can use to effectively do so.  What you will do is assign the test to the entire class and adjust the settings so that only certain students can take the test.  Then, once the test is complete, you will adjust the gradebook so that the grade will only count toward the overall grade of the students that took the test. 


Assigning the Test: 

  1. Create a test like you normally would.  If this test is being created just for this situation, you might consider giving it a name to indicate that to the other students in the class, such as "Airway retake-Amanda".  This is optional.  
  2. Add the test to the class. 
  3. Fill out the settings.  If you do not want other students to accidentally take this exam, add a password to the test that you will only share with the student(s) that are supposed to take it. 
  4. Let the student(s) who are supposed to take this test know the password for the test and when it is available to them. 


Toggle Grade Visibility: 

Because you have to assign the test to the entire class, you will have students that have 0s for this exam.  These 0's will count against them if we do not use toggle grade visibility to keep these goose eggs from counting toward their grade.  This will be done after the test has ended. 

  1. Select the dropdown for your class. 
  2. Click the icon for "View Gradebook". 5_6_article_1a.png
  3. Click the title of the test that was assigned to a few students.  This will open a second browser tab with your test results for the exam. 5_6_article_1b.png
  4. Select the checkbox for the students that DID NOT take this exam.  Their score will be 0. 
  5. Click the "Toggle Grade Visibility" button.  This will keep the score from counting against the selected students. 5_6_article_1c.png
  6. Check to make sure that the students that did not take the exam have a line through their name.  This indicates which students have had the grade removed from their overall grades. 5_6_article_1d.png

Once everything looks good on the test results page, you are all set to exit out of this window.  



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