(Instructor) How do I edit a test's settings? [Testing]

Alanah Manning -

As an Instructor, you can edit most of your test's settings at any point. If you would like to edit the settings of a test after the test is assigned to the class, then follow the directions below.  


Editing a test's settings: 

  1. Go into your instructor role for EMSTesting or Platinum Tests.  
  2. Select the dropdown for the class the test is assigned to.  If you do not see the dropdown, it may already be open. 
  3. Select the icon for "Edit Class".  This will bring up the various settings for your class. 5_4_article_A1.png
  4. Select the "Tests" tab.  This will show all the tests that have been added to this class. 
  5. Locate the test you would like to change the settings of, then click "Edit" for that test. 5_4_article_1b.png
  6. Make any changes to the test settings to the exam you would like. 
  7. Save. 



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