Is there a way to pick and choose what emails I get?

Alanah Manning -

At this time, there is not a way to filter out or pick and choose what emails you receive for EMSTesting, Platinum Tests, or Platinum Planner.  


What can you do?


A.  Set up a filter in your email settings.  Check your email settings and set rules so that only certain types of emails are going to your inbox and the rest are filtered out to a specific folder, category, or group.  The steps to accomplish this will vary depending on your email service provider. 


B.  You can have Platinum Educational Group block our emails to you altogether.  This is not recommended, as this will prevent ALL Platinum emails from reaching you which can be problematic.  You will have to reach out to support if this is the option you would like to go with.  We will essentially "blacklist" your email and you would not receive any messages from our site at all.  



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