(Student) How to Create and Document a Lab

Alanah Manning -


When lab classes are created in Platinum Planner there is a setting that Administrators can utilize to allow students to build their own lab sessions. This article will walk students who are in an active Lab class where the setting is utilized through the process of creating and documenting a lab:


1. Log into your student role in Platinum Planner.

2. In the red toolbar find the “Labs” option and click on "My Labs" in the drop-down that appears. 

3. Click the grey button in the top right, “+Create New Lab”. 



Please note: If you do not have the "+Create New Lab Button" your best course of action would be to contact your instructor as an administrator in your school would have to make the settings changes needed for you to have that option.


4. Minimally fill out the information for the lab that is required. These fields will be denoted with an asterisk.

a. Class: In the class drop-down you will choose the class the lab session is tied to. If you are only in one current lab class that is allowing you to create your own labs it will default to that class. If you are in multiple lab classes it is important to make sure to select the correct lab class as it may impact the skills that will be available for you to document. 

b. Lab Name: You may want to confirm with your instructor to see if they have a preferred naming method, if they don't,  you may want to come up with a naming system of your own. Creating unique names can make it easier to locate specific events if necessary later. 

c. Lab Start Date/Time and Lab End Date/Time: This should denote the time that you anticipate being in the lab session. If your lab class has an hour requirement this will determine the amount of time that you will receive credit for once your documentation is approved. If you end up needing to adjust this time you can go back and make changes prior to submitting the documentation for review. 


5. Click the big grey button at the bottom once all needed info is filled out, “Create New Lab”. 



6. Add the skills you performed/are going to perform. Make sure you are on the “Skills performed” tab. 

a. Click the green button, “Add/Remove Skills”.



b. Find the skills you want to add.

You can search for the skill by name, filter by classification (if applicable, not all professions and provider levels will see the "Filter By Skill Classification" option), or filter by the skill grouping.  

c. Click the checkbox for the skill(s) and close when finished this will add the skills to your documentation. 



7.  Add Skill Attempts for each skill performed. Add a new attempt for every time you perform the skill.  If you do not add a skill attempt for each skill you do, you will not get credit for having performed the skill.

  1. Select the drop-down for the appropriate skill.
  2. Click the button, “+Add New Attempt”.
  3. Fill out the skill sheet and save at the bottom.  


8. Once you have completed all the skills for the day, attach any skill documents required to the “Lab Documents" tab.

9. Submit your lab.

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