(School) Flagging a Student

Alanah Manning -

Students can be "removed" from courses or individual classes.  This is done by flagging the student in the specific area where you would like them to no longer have access.  This process will not remove them completely from your student listings, but it will prevent them from seeing and doing anything affiliated with the course or classes in which they have been flagged. 

A. Flagging a student in a course

B.  Flagging a student in a specific class


A. Flagging a student in a course: 

Flagging a student in a course removes access to the course as well as all classes within the course.  

  1. Edit the course from which the student needs to be dropped from.  This can be done in 2 ways. 
    • A. From the dashboard and click the tile for Manage Coursesmceclip0.png 
      • B.  School administrator role for either Platinum Planner or EMSTesting/Platinum Tests.
        • a. Platinum Planner- Select Course/Classes/Sites and click Manage School Courses.  5_7_article_1a.png
        • b. EMSTesting/Platinum Tests- Select the dropdown for the course, then click the icon for "Edit Course". 5_7_article_1_k.png
  2. Click the Students tab. 
  3. Locate the student and select flag/unflag.  A pop-up for what to flag them in will appear. 5_7_article_1c.png
  4. Indicate what program(s) the student should be flagged in. 5_7_article_1d.png
  5. Save.
  6. Check that it says Flagged in the areas chosen next to the student's name.  If any mistakes were made, follow steps 3-5 to correct them. 5_7_article_1e.png


B.  Flagging a student in a specific class: 


This can be done for both EMSTesting, Platinum Tests, or Platinum Planner, but the process is slightly different between Testing and Planner. 

Platinum Planner: 

  1. Edit the class from which the student should be removed.  This can be done in 2 different ways. *See photos above in step 1 if needed.  
    • You can do this by either editing the course and locating the class through the Platinum Planner tab, then the classes tab. 
    • Or by going through your School Administrator role and utilizing Manage Course Classes.   
  2. Select the Students tab for this class and locate the student's name you would like to remove. 
  3. Click flag student.  Depending on what your Toggle visibility is set on, the student may disappear or simply change their status.  5_7_article_1f.png
  4. Save. 
  5. Double-check to make sure that the correct student was flagged.  To do this change your Display toggle to All.  Next to the student, you should now see unflag.  This will indicate that the student was indeed flagged.  If a mistake was made, just click unflag student and save.  Once you are satisfied, it is safe to exit.  5_7_article_1g.png


EMSTesting and Platinum Tests: 

For this description, I will be using pictures from EMSTesting, but the process is the same for both factions. 

  1. Go into your Instructor role. 
  2. Select the dropdown for the class (it may already be open). 
  3. Click the icon for Edit Class. 5_7_article_1j.png
  4. Select the Students tab. 
  5. Locate the student that should be removed from the class.
  6. Click flag student across from their name.  This will cause the student to drop to the bottom of the list of students and their name to be highlighted in red.  5_7_article_1i.png
  7. Double check the correct student was flagged.  If a mistake was made click unflag student to reverse this change. 5_7_article_1h.png





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