(Instructor) Do you have sign up instructions I can give my students?

Sarah Smith -


Instructions to give to your students can be found by locating your "program manuals" tile on your my.platinumed.com dashboard, going to the dropdown that appears and downloading the "PlatinumEd Dashboard - Student Sign-up Directions".

(School Administrators also have access to this document but your "program manuals" tile is one of your black and gray tiles rather than the instructors black and green tiles pictured below). 



It is just a simple word file that can be downloaded, edited, and distributed to your students. You will want to make sure that the places in the document that are enclosed in the braces are updated with the appropriate text before you pass the instructions onto the students. For example, there is a place for the name of your school as it appears in the program and a spot for the date you want the students to sign up by.mceclip0.png




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