(Administrator & Instructor) What's the difference between "Create" and "Create & Verify"?

Sarah Smith -

When Preceptor accounts are created in the program, it requires that either an instructor or administrator at the school verifies the preceptor's account before student's documentation for opportunities done with these individuals can be approved. 

The purpose of this step to verify that the students (if you have given them the ability to add their own preceptors) are creating accounts for actual preceptors that they would be working with. 

But when School Administrators and Instructors are creating preceptor accounts in Platinum Planner, we recognize that these users will likely know if the accounts that they are creating are real preceptors.

So when creating a preceptor account, if you enter their information and select "Create" you will still need to "Verify" the preceptor account later.  If you select "Create & Verify" it is all taken care of in one step. 

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