(School) Accepting Students into Courses

Once students have submitted enrollment for their course, they must be accepted by a School or Course Administrator into their course. There are 2 ways to accept students into their courses:

A. Accepting Students by Editing the Course

B. Accepting Students through the Dashboard


Check your toggle alert visibility if you do not see what you are looking for on the dashboard.  You could be filtering out what you are looking for.  Just click the refresh button (blue counter-clockwise arrow).  




A.  Accepting Students By Editing the Course: 

1. Edit the Course. This will bring you to the Edit Course page. 

    • a. You can do this by selecting the dropdown for the course on the dashboard. 6:14
    • b. Or by managing school courses in your school administrator role. 
    • 4_22_article_2.png


2. Select the Students tab. 

3. You will see the enrollment requests to approve or decline. Select the option you would like.  



B.  Accepting Students through the Dashboard:

1. From the main Platinumed dashboard, there is a grey and black tile, Manage Course Requests; select the dropdown.  You will see the list of students who have submitted enrollment requests. 4_23_article_1.png


2. Approving a student

  • A. Select the Products the student will be using.  
  • B. Select who is paying: School Pays or Student Pays
  • C. Select if the student should be added to a certain class group or if you would like the student not to be automatically added to classes.  If you do not have separate class groups, All Classes will be the only option.  If you do not automatically add students to classes, you will have to add students to classes later on manually. 


  • Once you are satisfied. select Submit.  

If the school is paying, once the approval is submitted, the student will have access to their student role.  


If the student pays, they will be prompted to complete their registration. Once they submit their payment, they will have access to the site.  




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