Where do I find the course code to give to my students?

Sarah Smith -

A Course Code is a 5-digit alphanumeric code that is generated and assigned to the courses created in your schools.  When this code is provided to students it can be used when creating their student account or submitting a new course enrollment request. Utilizing the code is not required but will simplify the enrollment process for your students. 

The Course Code will need to be relayed to the students by the faculty at your institution. It can be found by clicking on the "edit" option to the right of the course on your my.platinumed.com dashboard.

This will direct you to the "Course Info" tab where the "Course Code" will be displayed. 

Please Note: The "Course Code" field will not appear for courses that do not contain any upcoming or current classes. Also, the Course Code will not be effective if the course enrollment is not open.  


If you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to submit a help request or give Customer Support a call at (616) 818-7877.


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