(Student) I can only see one program, I need to see my role in both programs.

Sarah Smith -

When our users are on their my.platinumed.com dashboards part of the information that is displayed for them is the roles they have access to, in the programs that are available based on their "Profession" setting. Your current Profession setting is visible next to your name in the upper right of the screen. 


Pictured below is the dashboard for a student whose profession is set to "Medical Assistant". Since there is not a "Medical Assistant" component in EMSTesting or Platinum Tests currently, the student does not see a section for EMSTesting.  

This means if you are missing your role information for one of the programs it is possible that your account is not set to the correct "Profession". 


If you need to change this setting, follow the steps below: 

From you my.platinumed.com dashboard click on the "my account" link in the upper right of the page. This will take you to your "Account Information" page where you will want to click on the "Update My Account Information" link.

Here you will want to click on the downward arrow in the "Profession" field. This will cause the drop-down to appear from which you can select the correct profession. Don't forget to click "Update Account" if you made adjustments to your account information. 

Once you return to your dashboard you may need to refresh your browser. After this update is completed, if you have access to roles in the previously hidden site, it will now display. 

If you still have any questions or concerns feel free to submit a support ticket via the "Contact Us" button or give us a call at (616) 818-7877 and we will do our best to assist!


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