(Student) I submitted documentation in the App but it isn't showing as submitted on the site.

Sarah Smith -


The Platinum Planner Student App was designed to allow students to fill out documentation even when they don't have access to an internet connection, which is great when you are out on an ambulance, don't have a WiFi connection, or are in a building where your cell phone service is spotty, but it does create the need for the App to sync with the website to make changes in your account. 

If you have filled out or submitted documentation on your device, but those changes are not reflected when you log in to your account on the website, this may mean that you just need to sync the App.

To perform a sync, make sure you are in a location with a reliable internet connection. Then on many of the screens, you will just need to swipe down to trigger the sync (if the page you're on does not allow you to sync, try going back to the "Home" page and syncing from there). 


When you swipe down, you should see a syncing page. If the device is connected to the internet the page will display as "online" and the progress bar will progress as the information is transferred. 


If just the standard sync doesn't resolve the situation you can attempt a "Force Push". 

To do this you will want to click on the menu icon in the upper left of the "Home" screen.

This will cause the "Student Options" to appear. You will then want to click on the "Settings" option.

On the "Settings" page, you can now click "Force Push" to force a synchronization with the website.







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