(Student) I purchased the wrong access code. Can I still use it?

Sarah Smith -


When a student enters an access code to pay for course enrollment, it will display for them the value of the code and which program, and provider level it was originally intended to be used for. 


If the code is of a lesser value than the enrollment fee, students can still use the code to put the contained amount towards the total, then just pay the difference with their credit card.

If the code is of a greater value than the fee, students still can use the contained amount to pay the total, but they will have a nonrefundable balance left on their access code.  


However, please note, just because you can use a code to pay for the fee, there are situations where you shouldn't. When entering payment, you can only enter one access code, so if you have two codes, one for each program make sure to use the correct code to pay for the corresponding program's fee.


If you have used the wrong codes to pay, please reach out to our Customer Support Team for assistance. 





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