(Student) I purchased the wrong access code. Can I still use it?

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When a student enters an access code to pay for course enrollment, it will display for them the value of the code, and which program and provider level it was originally for.  If the code is of a lesser value than the enrollment fee (ex. an EMSTesting EMT ($48) access code trying to pay for EMSTesting AEMT ($65) course enrollment), the student can still use the access code, and then just pay the difference with their credit card.

This even works across platforms!  So an EMSTesting Paramedic ($95) access code could be used to pay for a Platinum Planner Paramedic ($85) course (with $10 left on the access card), or the student could use a Platinum Planner Paramedic ($85) access code to pay for enrollment in an EMSTesting Paramedic ($95) course, and then pay the $10 difference with a credit card.

But as always, a student paying for enrollment in an EMSTesting.com course and also a Platinum Planner course, does have to pay for each course they want to enroll in (ie. One access code does not pay for 2 courses, or for a course each in both programs).

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