(Student) How do I use my Access Card/Gift Card?

Benjamin Hurst -

In order to use your access cards/gift cards, you must first complete the following steps:


1. Create your student account (If you already have one, login). 

  • A. Your instructor may have provided you with a course code to use for enrollment.  If so, you can enter it when creating your student role.  Skip to step 3, if you entered or will enter your course code while creating your account.  (Course codes are not required to create an account). 
  • B.  If you do not have a course code or you did not use it when creating your student account you can search for your school and course.  Using a course is optional and not required for enrollment. 

2. Click on the Enroll tile, and enroll in the course your instructor told you to.  


  • A.  If your instructor provided you with a course name:
    • Click the dropdown for "Select your school" and type your school's name in the search bar. 
    • Next, click the dropdown for "Select your course" and select the course your instructor provided. 
    • Submit Enrollment. 


  • B.  If your instructor provided you with a course code: 
    • Click the blue button on the top right "Click here is you have been given a Course Code from your school". 
    • Enter the course code your instructor provided to you and click "Lookup". 
    • Submit Enrollment. 



3. Once you have submitted enrollment, this will put your enrollment in Pending School Review, they need to approve your request first before proceeding. 


Once approved, you will login, and see a Complete Registration button in the center of the screen. Click here.


Next, in the upper left select the products you wish to pay for EMSTesting and/or Platinum Planner. Then enter your access/gift card number in the box below.  



Make sure you use the proper card with the proper program. EMSTesting with EMSTesting. Planner with Planner. Please read your cards carefully.

Not all schools use both programs. Some only use one of the products, so the picture below depicts a school that uses both programs, EMSTesting and Platinum Planner. 


After that click submit.

 If you cannot get to the complete registration button, you may not be in the course yet. To enroll in the course, use the following knowledge base article.



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