(Student) How do I enroll in a "Class"?

Benjamin Hurst -

Often when students sign up and pay for their course, their institution will choose to automatically enroll them in all the classes within that course. However, sometimes the school will only accept students into some of the classes within the course. Then, later in the semester, they will request students enroll in the other classes.


To enroll in a class if you are already part of the course, do the following:


1. From your Platinumed.com dashboard, select the "Enroll" tile


3. Make sure the Toggle at the top of the pop-up window is set to "Enroll in a Class", select the checkboxes next to the class in which you wish to enroll, and click "Signup".


Once you have done this your institution will receive a notification of your submission. They will have to accept your "Class Enrollment" request and then you will be in.


Please Note:

The "Enroll in a Class" option only appears if the student has already signed up and their access to their "Course" has been paid for. 




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