(Instructor) Printing Hard Copies of Tests

Sarah Smith -

Schools with EMSTesting or Platinum Tests has the ability to print of copies of their exams to administer to students.  


Printing Exams: 


1. Login to your Instructor role for EMSTesting or Platinum Tests. 

2.  From your instructor homepage, you will click on the Manage Tests link in your red toolbar.

This will take you to your "Test Search" page where you can manage your existing tests or create a new test.


3.  Here you will either search for your test utilizing the search function or if it is in Your 10 Most Recently Modified Tests you'll scroll down to locate the test you would like to print a copy of. 

Note: if you leave the test search fields left to any and click Search you will get a list of all of your tests, or you can narrow your search based on Type, Status, Program Type, or Provider Level.


4Green Exam: If the test you wish to print is listed in Green, which means the test is active, you will just have to click on the test's title which will cause the additional information to display.  Scroll down to the Print Options section and decide which PDF options you would like to download and then print. 

  • Student Test Handout: a copy of the test to distribute to students to take. It is just the questions. 
  • Student Answer Sheet:  an empty bubble sheet used for recording student answers.
  • Instructor Answer key: the bubble sheet with the correct answers filled in.
  • Answers and Annotations: shows the possible distractors as well as the correct answer and the annotation for each item. 


5.  Yellow Exam:  If the test you wish to print is displaying in yellow, which means the test is still a draft, you will have to update the test's status in order to print the test. 

  • To do this you will just click on the Edit Test button to the right of the test's title.
  • Next, click on the Test Questions tab
  • Then select the Finalize Test button

This will cause the test to now appear in green on your Test Search page so you will now have access to the PDF options for your test. 



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